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Seasonal campers

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The camping season starts May 1 and ends September 30.  Winter storage is included for campers that sign a new lease and pay a deposit.  The seasonal fee is $1,700.  Campers will receive a seasonal electric bill based on their metered electric usage.  Campers will have either direct hook-up to sewer or will have weekly pickup by FAC staff.  Water and electric connections are provided at each campsite.  Many sites require FAC staff to set the camper.  Included in the seasonal fee, FAC will set the camper tongue on blocks, and the wheels will be placed on treated boards.  The camper will be set level.  Camper will be responsible to set their own jacks.  If camper cannot do this, FAC can perform the task at an additional fee.  Decks are permitted, and once they are approved by FAC, they are the responsibility of the camper.  A siphon break is required at the water hose connection, and camper will need a proper working hose.  Electric will be either 30 or 50 amp depending on site and availability.  Sheds are permitted with prior approval by FAC.  If camper needs to be moved after it has been set, an additional fee will be required. 



For all new seasonal campers, the camper cannot be more than ten years old.  For all existing campers renewing their leases and after the camper is more than ten years old, the campers are subject to a yearly review to ensure the camper meets FAC requirements, including decks and sheds. 

Campers have the option to purchase a seasonal guest pass for $100.  This will allow their visitors to enter the campground without having to pay the guest fee.  All visitors are required to check in and obtain a guest pass for their vehicle.  Seasonal campers are to display a parking hang tag in their vehicles while on campground property at all times.



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